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Any cancellation or changes in appointment must be made 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment otherwise deposit will be forfeited. You must then make a new appointment and another deposit will be required. 


If you change the color or texture of your hair between the consultation and the extension application appointment, you agree to notify your stylist prior to the application appointment to schedule a new consultation. A new deposit may be necessary. 


Wanderlust Salon and Spa requires the payment to be guaranteed by a major credit card if you pay by check. If the check is returned, this agreement gives Wanderlust Salon and Spa the authorization to transpose the amount of the check onto the credit card given. If a major credit card is not available, cash is required. Wanderlust Salon and Spa will protect your privacy rights as a consumer and keep all information strictly confidential.  

By signing this contract, you agree to take care of extensions and follow all stylists' instructions to maintain the health of your hair and prevent damage to your hair, scalp and/or extensions. Your stylist is not liable for any damage that occurs due to not properly maintaining extensions. 

Hair Extension Contract
02:30 PM
I agree to the follow guidelines listed above

Thanks for submitting!

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